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S.O.S. – Significant Other Survival

About the Course

Public safety wellness and job performance depends on the support and connection they experience at home. This course was developed specifically for significant others of new recruits and seasoned professionals in the field of public safety. The more significant others understand about the public safety culture, the stressors of these jobs, and the effects this career has on personal lives, the chance for healthy relationships and reduced stress for everyone is possible. We do not recommend children, parents or other family members attend this course due to the sensitive and intimate nature of the topics that will be discussed.

Training Objectives

Phases of a career in public safety
Dealing with stressors of the job
Suicide prevention and intervention
Dealing with different types of stress
Positive communication skills
Ways to stay physically and mentally well
How families can offer support
Impact on children

* Certifications for courses (POST, ICEMA, EMSA, BRN, CEU) vary depending on course content, location of the training, and length of the course. Our team will provide specific certifications that are available upon request or at time of scheduling. 

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