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Behavioral Health and Wellness Services

The Counseling Team International has decades of experience serving public safety professionals. With our team of culturally competent clinicians and professionals, we work with organizations to provide behavioral health, resiliency, and wellness resources.

We offer full service and fee for service contracts for short-term counseling, crisis response, training, and pre employment testing. TCTI will work with you to create a program to best meet the needs of your organization.

Counseling and Wellness Visits

Support a culture of wellness by providing employees access to licensed clinicians who are uniquely qualified to help with challenges faced by public safety.

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

We provide 24/7/365 clinician response, on-site debriefing, counseling services, and wellness resources to minimize the impact of post-traumatic stress of critical incidents. 

Peer Support Programs

We offer resources for new and established Peer Support Teams that include peer nominations and interviews, regional meetings, and specialized training for peer supporters.

Pre Employment Psychological Testing

A Clinical Psychologist with TCTI can administer oral and written exams for sworn and non sworn applicants to assess their abilities to carry out duties under high pressure situations.  

Training and Education

Our team of culturally competent instructors lead courses that support resiliency, wellness and leadership with  interactive training with real-world case studies and scenarios.

Proactive Wellness Programs

We can help develop a comprehensive wellness program that includes new recruit training, wellness visits,  leadership development, family support, training, peer support programs, and more.