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Proactive Wellness Programs

First responders experience more acute stress and trauma than the general population. The statistics are staggering. TCTI’s Proactive Approach to Wellness works with your department or agency to create an environment where everyone is proactively working towards behavioral health and wellness. Together, we can take post-traumatic stress out of the shadows and push it into the light.

A Proactive Approach to Wellness

Through decades of collaboration with public safety departments and organizations, TCTI is a trusted resource for department leaders who want to break down barriers for those seeking help, while also supporting a cultural shift with proactive wellness. We have a distinctive view of the career and family life of public safety professionals – from new recruit training, wellness visits, peer support services, counseling, crisis support, department training, retreats, and long-term treatment.

Our unique perspective helped us create a program that can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization today and everyday moving forward.

Let’s Work Together

We have worked with hundreds of agencies to create a Proactive Approach to Wellness that improves absenteeism and reduces leave time. The goal is simple yet effective: be proactive in keeping your team healthy. Your employees are your greatest asset. Take the time to invest in their wellbeing and success – it will create healthier employees, workplace, department, and community. Call TCTI to schedule a time to discuss your needs.