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Provider Network

Welcome to our updated Provider Network information page. As our network of mental health professionals has expanded to support the growth of TCTI services, we are no longer listing the provider profiles on our website. Provider information (education, specialties, etc.) can be requested when an individual calls TCTI to schedule contracted counseling services. 

About Our Provider Network

The Counseling Team was founded in 1985 and is currently the largest provider of mental health services exclusively for public safety and first responders in California. We conduct an intensive multi-step interview and credentialing process with our clinicians to ensure their qualifications, experience, and licensure meet our standards. Our network of providers include doctoral and master’s level clinicians that are independently licensed in the state where they are providing services. After joining our network, clinicians are scheduled for in person or virtual counseling and wellness sessions based on their preferences. 

More About TCTI

The Counseling Team is always looking to expand our network of clinicians who work with our first responders, spouses and other household family members. We work with culturally competent providers who are committed to serving the specific needs of this vital workforce. If you have experience with trauma informed therapy, have certifications in EMDR and/or ART, or if you just have a heart-felt passion to work with first responders and their families, we invite you to learn more about joining our expanding network of mental health professionals.

Online MHP Application

After completing the online application, our provider relations team will review and schedule a follow up video interview. If a mutual decision to proceed is made, the application will be finalized and the mental health professional contract will be initiated. 

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About TCTI

We provide culturally competent support to public safety organizations, first responders and their families. Learn more about our trusted legacy that spans almost 40 years. 

Our Team

We work together to ensure the trust of our clients, community, and agency partners through transparency, privacy, and performance.