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Peer Support Program

What is a Peer Support Program?

Peer Support Programs give public safety professionals the opportunity to confidentially discuss their personal and professional challenges with trained co-workers who understand and want to help. Through peer support, first responders can find strength and resilience to thrive at work and at home. 

Through listening, understanding, and providing appropriate referrals, Peer Support Programs serve proactively as an early-warning detection system to help individuals handle their personal problems.

Peer Support helps decrease the day-to-day stress of public safety professionals. It can also counter-check the emotional strain of critical incidents, as well as prevent the accumulation of frustration, anger, and helplessness, which could lead to alcohol misuse, substance abuse, depression, domestic violence, suicide, and other behavioral issues.

How to Get a Peer Support Program Started?

TCTI can provide suggested guidelines for a peer support team, including screening and interviewing for peer support candidates. We also recommend introducing the new or enhanced program to your department through a half-day training course offed by TCTI (Developing a Peer Support Program). This course will lay the foundation of peer support for the department, and will provide assistance with the following:

  • Understand the purpose and importance of having a Peer Support Program
  • Determine the personal characteristic of a strong peer supporter
  • Create selection criteria to nominate individuals within the department
  • Learn about the role and responsibilities for the peer supporters

What Training is Available for Peer Support Teams?

Our team of culturally competent clinicians and course instructors have developed a training curriculum specially designed for Peer Support Teams. These courses can be hosted by your department or your team can register to attend training hosted by another agency. 

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