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Retire Well

About the Course

Research shows that approximately one in ten retirees report suicidal ideation, and one in four suffer from significant life dissatisfaction, mood, and relationship issues. This course was developed to focus on mental health and wellness in pre-retirement and into early retirement to reduce depression, improve socialization, and focus on relationship functioning issues. 

This is not just another retirement presentation that solely focuses on financial wellness. This is a retirement resilience course that provides tools to help you rediscover identity, purpose, security, and acceptance into retirement in order to improve quality of life adaptation and make the unknown known. When one door closes, another one opens!

Training Objectives

How to remove the “super-suit” and rediscover yourself without your occupation
Examine aspects of security in your transition and adaptation to civilian life
Explore ways to accept change, cope with abandonment and replacement, and find belonging elsewhere in order to reduce risk of suicide
Find new purpose by staying busy, doing engaging activities and occupations in order to improve life satisfaction
Identify signs of relational and mental health issues, and learn ways to access appropriate support

* Certifications for courses (POST, ICEMA, EMSA, BRN, CEU) vary depending on course content, location of the training, and length of the course. Our team will provide specific certifications that are available upon request or at time of scheduling. 

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