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Moving Beyond Betrayal

About the Course

Betrayal can be experienced in a variety of ways and can cause many to get stuck feeling like a victim that leads to resentment and reactivity. Whether it is with an organization, friendship or significant other, most of us can relate to the deep pain that betrayal can cause. This course will teach ways to heal, mend, and find a level of acceptance even if trust can not be repaired.  It will explore methods to build trust in all relationships you have at work, in social circles, and in your personal life.

Training Objectives

Define Trust, honor, loyalty and many types of betrayals
Learn about the impacts of betrayal trauma on memory and physiological responses
Discover the skills and situations required to recover and heal
Restore and rebuild trust with appropriate boundaries

* Certifications for courses (POST, ICEMA, EMSA, BRN, CEU) vary depending on course content, location of the training, and length of the course. Our team will provide specific certifications that are available upon request or at time of scheduling. 

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