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Legitimate Leadership

About the Course

This course provides practical tools to help ensure that participants are a legitimate and respected leader, and not merely “managing the chaos.” Participants will learn how to display assertiveness that fosters trust and improves both their performance and the performance of others in all levels of the organization. This course will provide participants with tools to help others see them as a competent and compassionate leader. Participants will also learn how to improve their work-life balance, while creating a healthier organizational culture.

Training Objectives

Solicit buy-in from employees and truly lead by example
Turn failures into opportunities and resilience
Learn ethical and legal ramifications of poor management
Discover ways to overcome barriers to mental wellness care for those in need
Enhance the leader’s natural leadership style to become an assertive leader while avoiding being viewed as a micromanager
Bridge the cultural gap between generations and positions
Make the leader’s mental wellness and first responder family life a priority

* Certifications for courses (POST, ICEMA, EMSA, BRN, CEU) vary depending on course content, location of the training, and length of the course. Our team will provide specific certifications that are available upon request or at time of scheduling. 

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