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Blueline Families

About the Course

Public safety wellness and job performance relies heavily on the support and connection that they experience at home. The more their family understands the work of law enforcement, the stressors of the job, and the way the career impacts their personal lives, the better the chance for healthy relationships and reduced stress on everyone. The inverse is true as well. Having an immediate family member in a law enforcement career is unique and challenging at times. This class is for the family of new recruits and seasoned public safety professionals. 

Training Objectives

Learn ways to cope with job related stressors
Explore tools to manage various types of stress
Recognize mental health issues to prevent crisis or suicide
Learn positive communication skills
Discuss ways to stay physically and mentally well
Discover how families can offer support

* Certifications for courses (POST, ICEMA, EMSA, BRN, CEU) vary depending on course content, location of the training, and length of the course. Our team will provide specific certifications that are available upon request or at time of scheduling. 

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