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Serving Private Industry, City and County Agencies, Schools and Healthcare

Private Industry, Municipalities and Schools.

Employees matter. Leaders recognize that personal challenges affecting employees need to be addressed early. Prompt, professional attention gives your employees the best opportunity for a more productive work and personal life. Our confidential counseling for employees and their family members is at no cost to employees. While difficulties usually can be resolved without outside help, counseling can best assist with more difficult situations. Unresolved problems are a concern, because they frequently have a progressively destructive effect: jeopardizing an employee’s health, family and job performance. When an individual gets help with a work or personal problem: home life improves, job performance increases, and everyone benefits.

Health Care Providers

Our mental health team is trained to address unique issues facing workers in the health care industry. Nurses, physicians, technicians and other support staff are dedicated to the welfare of others. At times, this commitment can take its toll in the form of depression or even engaging in risky behaviors.

We help you identify and treat issues that can negatively affect a clinician’s career. Our complete array of health care-specific resources and tools address the professional issues that healthcare workers face.

TCTI’s primary offices are located at 1881 Business Center Drive, Suites 11 & 12 in the City of San Bernardino, with satellite offices in the counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura in the state of California. Each office is designed with a client’s privacy and comfort in mind.